CU 2.0

Kirk Drake

In recent decades, credit unions have seen unprecedented threats, due in large part to an eighty-year-old business model and an inability to adapt quickly to a digital economy. But Kirk Drake has devised a powerful plan to revitalize these noble institutions, making them more competitive, more creative, more connected with their membership, and more in tune with the times.

A serial entrepreneur focused on credit-union technology, Drake has written a must-read manual for every CU board member, CEO, and management team in America. The first and only book of its kind, CU 2.0 offers essential strategies for leveraging the latest technologies to facilitate organizational growth and foster more even competition with the banking industry. With the tools provided here, the CU of tomorrow will be better equipped to empower its employees, while giving its members the superior financial service they want and need.

It’s time to be innovative and bold, to challenge long-standing inefficiencies and move away from the “old school” methods of doing business. CU 2.0 provides the skills, the savvy, and the fresh ideas necessary to finally transport the credit union out of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first.

Press & Praise

Jesse Boyer, SVP and COO, NIHFCU

Kirk is dynamic, powerful and fun. The audience will walk away inspired and with actions they can take immediately for more success. He creates an inspirational and energizing environment that provides attendees with tools and insights to become the agent for effective change across their organization. Kirk is very genuine and brings a lot of realism and practical thinking to his work. I'm confident that those who apply his experience-based tips will improve their performance.

Martin Breland, President/CEO, Tower FCU, Director - NAFCU

Kirk Drake is a Visionary in the credit union industry! He understands where technology is headed and how we can harness those trends to benefit credit unions. This book promises to challenge your thinking about technology and about credit unions, and give you new insights into how we can compete effectively in the future.

Lori Gall, CAO, VIZO Financial Corporate CU

Kirk is an excellent speaker! He addresses topics in a unique way, transferring his knowledge with a creativity that engages his listeners.

Kirk Drake

Kirk Drake has more than twenty years of experience designing and implementing advanced technology solutions, systems, and strategies. He is the founder of CUCTO; Ongoing Operations, LLC; CU Wallet, LLC; and CU2.0 Strategist. Kirk lives in southern Oregon, where he is helping his wife start a vineyard on a shoestring budget while raising three awesome kids.

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