Brand Currency

Steve Susi

Last year’s speed is now quaint. Business today moves at a pace so unforgiving it’s easy to find yourself holding your breath, wondering if your company will be the next to fold.

And then there’s Amazon. While others struggle to innovate and remain relevant, it somehow surges ahead in sector after sector, blazing trails inconceivable when the bookseller opened its doors 25 years ago.

The truth is, what drives Amazon’s success isn’t cutting-edge. It’s ancient.

In Brand Currency, former Amazon Advertising executive creative director Steve Susi takes you inside the corporate enigma to reveal the four currencies that dictate the customer’s and Amazon’s every move: money, information, loyalty, and time. Steve offers firsthand experience and case studies from across the brandscape to prove that prioritizing these currencies is exactly what your brand needs to break through, maximize its potential, and leave everyone asking, “How do they do it?”

Steve Susi

After 16 years with New York’s digital ad agencies, Steve Susi joined Amazon Advertising as its NYC creative director in 2012, where his teams would deliver original brand experiences on behalf of hundreds of advertisers and millions of customers worldwide. In 2014 he became its first group creative director and, two years later, first executive creative director, moving to London to lead creative operations across Europe, Asia, and Canada. In 2016, he received the first Amazon Inventor Award granted to Advertising outside the US for patent-pending innovation. A native of Columbus, Ohio, Steve is a proud graduate of Subiaco Academy and Miami University. This is his first book.

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