Autism 2 Awesome

Kerry L. Brooks

In 2003, Kerry L. Brooks’s son was diagnosed with autism, devastating his family. Their physician offered only two recommendations: prepare their son for a group home, and focus on having other children.

Kerry was no medical expert, but he was a determined father and his son’s biggest advocate. Refusing to follow the doctor’s orders, he and his wife continued to search—not for a cure, but for strategies that would help their son reach his highest potential.

In Autism 2 Awesome, Kerry shares these strategies and his family’s journey from devastating diagnosis to high school honors graduation. No matter the challenge, every parent can benefit from looking within, trusting their instincts, and most importantly, celebrating every miracle.

Press & Praise

Virginia Simmons, PhD., lead of support team, Interamerican Academy and English language specialist, US Department of State

"This book is a must read for every teacher. The author continually emphasizes the point that when you limit others, you limit yourself. Our human race is too fragile to eliminate even one child, and to eliminate because of ignorance. The author has provided an inspirational and personal insight into a vision of successful education."

Nacoal B., Fort Lauderdale, FL, proud mother of Evan

"A wonderful experience in reading. As a parent of a child with autism, this book touched my soul. Throughout my reading of this book, I laughed and I cried. By the end of the book, I pray that others will understand that there is life and light after a diagnosis of autism. Faith, Hope and Love can truly turn your greatest crisis into your greatest miracle."

Yolanda Golden, child welfare specialist and educator

"Finally, a realistic approach to understanding and overcoming parental fears about raising autistic children from a father who has done it all!"

Kerry L. Brooks

Kerry L. Brooks has worked in federal law enforcement for nearly thirty years, also serving as a diplomat during this time in various countries. His most important roles, however, are those of father and husband.

Kerry graduated from Troy University in Alabama, where he was part of a national championship football team. As a proud father of five, he and his wife have dedicated themselves to finding the best strategies for raising their family.

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