Competing in the Connecting World

Gregg Garrett & Warren Ritchie

The rapid convergence of computing and telecommunications technologies into products, better known as the Internet of Things, coupled with strong human behavioral change has created the emergence of a technological discontinuity that is disrupting all industries as we know them. Information once “trapped” in products is being unleashed, creating a flow of Product in Use Data that is becoming the basis of new services, new business models, and new ecosystems leading to the substitution of traditional product and service companies and the total disruption of industries. During this merging of industrial and digital economics, the internal capabilities that organizations have leveraged for years will become insufficient for future competition. The businesses of those leaders who fail to transform their firms by acquiring the necessary new capabilities will not survive.

Despite the impending disruption, there are defined strategies that greatly enhance an existing firm’s chance of survival. The rapid execution of the “first mile” of a business’s transformation is crucial to competing successfully. In Competing in the Connecting World, authors Gregg Garrett and Warren Ritchie offer a proven framework and approach to assist leaders in understanding, preparing, and bravely transforming their firms to thrive in this new digital era.

Gregg Garrett & Warren Ritchie

Gregg Garrett and Warren Ritchie have spent their careers strategically transforming organizations. Their unique perspective has been shaped on a global stage as C-level executive leaders with Fortune 500 product and services companies, as strategic business consultants with large and small firms, and as researchers who educate in and beyond the classroom. Their mutual perspective has been honed while working and teaching together for over 15 years, reaching well beyond theory which has enabled them to describe with unique clarity the implications corporate leaders must consider to guide their firms to compete in the Connected World.

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