Josh Schoenly

In today’s real estate world, many agents feel as though they’re losing. They are trained to market themselves in a miserable and stressful manner: shouting to the masses and begging for business. It’s humiliating and ineffective. Plus, there are no retirement plans, pension plans, or paths to exit with a profit. But it doesn’t have to be this way. As a real estate agent Josh Schoenly experienced these negatives firsthand and became determined to find a more effective and enjoyable way to attract clients. He succeeded, and now so can you. In this book, Josh shares how you can take control with the winning strategies to attract business in a predictable and enjoyable fashion, without the hassle. Using direct response internet marketing and Josh’s four-principle approach of Identify, Attract, Connect, and Converse, you’ll build an audience of people who will be begging you to be their agent. You’re about to learn how to play an entirely different game—a game you can win.

Press & Praise

Gary Elwood, CEO Proquest Technologies

"Josh is one of the sharpest marketing minds in real estate and always brings a ton of value! So if you're sick of chasing prospects, and the endless sting of rejection that comes from cold calling, do yourself a favor and get Josh's 4-step framework for attracting clients, this book is an absolute must read!"

Shaun Nilsson, Co-Founder

"In an industry recently flooded with real estate "trainers" and "coaches," Josh is a voice that actually speaks from experience. And the systems and strategies taught in this book are a culmination of those years of hard knocks and proven application. Josh practices what he preaches and speaks from the heart, because he deeply cares about helping others to succeed."

Josh Schoenly

Josh Schoenly is the world’s leading authority on Digital Marketing for real estate professionals. He is the Co-Founder of Client Alchemist, a company whose mission is to help real estate and sales professionals learn the skills and mindset necessary to*ATTRACT* their ideal clients (so they can forever abandon old school cold-calling, prospecting, door-knocking & the like). Josh is a devoted husband, father of 4, believer, philanthropist, author and Freedom entrepreneur.

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