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The pace of change is accelerating. Repeatable success in a world of hyper-uncertainty requires a constant cycle of innovation—with a reliable process for transforming new ideas into valuable outcomes.

Based on years of experience working with the likes of Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Royal Caribbean, HSBC, Pepsi, Target, and more—plus hundreds of interviews with founders, investors, and leading innovators around the globe—Accelerated is a handbook for navigating uncertainty and a quick-start guide for accelerating innovation.

Explore the changing landscape of disruption. Refine your innovation toolsets. Discover tactics to develop builders, makers, and idea accelerators who can adapt, grow, and harness untapped opportunities.

Whether you’re a corporate innovator or startup entrepreneur, learn what it takes to explore, engage, and experiment your way through today’s accelerating change.

Press & Praise

Barry O'Reilly, Co-founder of Nobody Studios, Founder of ExecCamp, and bestselling author of Unlearn and Lean Enterprise

Change isn't slowing down, it's speeding up. To keep pace we can't rely on the mindset and behavior of the past to succeed in the future. Accelerated is packed with real case studies, methods, and models to help you navigate uncertainty and leverage the forces of accelerated change. If you're seeking to invent the future, and not fear it, read this book.

Rita McGrath, author of Seeing Around Corners

Every so often a book comes along that is exactly right for the moment. Brian Ardinger's new book Accelerated is a clarion call for optimism. You can learn to move faster and create the future rather than feeling like a victim of it. A great read.

Diana Kander, New York Times bestselling author of All In Startup

Brian Ardinger is training the next generation of Accelerators to become better builders, makers, movers, shakers, founders, and creators. Accelerated offers quick, simple, and effective ways to impact the future of any organization.

Brian Ardinger is Director of Innovation at Nelnet and the founder of, creators of the weekly podcast and newsletter by the same name, and The IO Summit—a conference and community for leading and emerging innovators. For over twenty-five years, Brian has helped top brands and explosive startups engage the latest tools, trends, and tactics to accelerate innovation and compete in a world of change and disruption.

Brian has published articles for The Wall Street JournalEntrepreneur, and other top industry publications and is a highly sought-after public speaker and frequently-quoted industry expert. Connect with him online at or on Twitter at @ardinger.

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