A Little a Day Keeps the Dog Trainer Away

Tom Roderick

You’re getting a dog. But will it be obedient or nothing but trouble? Whether it’s a puppy from a breeder or the shelter, or an adult dog, professional dog trainer Tom Roderick is ready to show you the secrets to raising a puppy from day one that will bring you joy and companionship for the rest of its life.

You’ll learn how to select your new canine companion (and your vet) wisely, how to prepare your home for your pup, why crate training is important, what’s the best diet, and how to socialize your dog. You’ll go through the techniques you need to gain total control of your dog both on and off leash.

This guide will give you the skills to raise and train your puppy effectively from the moment you bring it home at 8 weeks to a year later and beyond. Your dog—and everyone it comes into contact with—will thank you.

Tom Roderick

With a lifelong love for dogs, Tom Roderick initially pursued his passion by working for a prestigious protection dog company in northern Massachusetts. It was there, as a senior trainer, that Tom trained and delivered obedience and protection dogs to clientele worldwide and developed a unique expertise for training dogs.

In 2010 he founded WalkyWalk and began his mission to mold dog owners into dog trainers. Since then he has established a large and loyal clientele across the Greater Boston area, and helped hundreds of dogs and owners be happy.

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