The Perfect Day Formula

Craig Ballantyne

Most people are stuck. Every day we seem to just go through the motions, following our usual routine without ever stopping and thinking why we do what we do, or what we’d rather be doing instead. But sometimes, we have that one day–that Perfect Day–where everything just clicks. We feel great. We are unstoppable. And at the end of it we think, “Why can’t every day be like this?”

Press & Praise

Larry Winget, author of Grow a Pair

"Everybody wants to live the perfect life but fail to understand you do that by designing and living the perfect day, day after day. This book shows you exactly what you have to do to create that day."

Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle Is the Way

"Like his site Early to Rise, Craig's book relies on ancient wisdom and classic thinkers - including my favorite, the Stoics - to help you organize your day and run your life."

Mark Ford, founder of

"This is a good, smart book about not just personal productivity - but also achievement and balance and happiness in life. Craig's approach is, like all good approaches, both personal and universal. I will recommend this to friends and colleagues."

Craig Ballantyne

Craig Ballantyne has helped over 10,000 high performers and thought leaders with The Perfect Day Formula book and kit. He shows entrepreneurs and executives how to achieve extraor­dinary results in every area of life and have a bigger impact on the world, all while having more quality time for their families. Craig is the owner of the Denver-based personal development organization, Early To Rise (ETR). His daily wisdom reach over 150,000 readers and teaches people how to build their wealth, improve their health, and become the best version of themselves. Craig is also the co-author of The Cardio Myth, and creator of the ground­breaking fat-loss workout systems, Tur­bulence Training and Home Workout Revolution. He has been a contributing author to Men’s Health magazine since 2000. Today he is dedicated to ETR’s 10 Million Mission of helping ten million men and women transform their lives before 2020. Craig has a Master of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster Uni­versity in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and continues to apply the latest in high-performance research to help his readers improve their lives.

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