A Closing Culture

Josh Harcus

What’s the most important managerial step an executive can take?

Answer: aligning your marketing and sales teams.

Yet in many companies the gap between marketing and sales is widening, leaving substantial revenue on the table.

Hüify and CEO Josh Harcus have trained some of the world’s most innovative organizations how to overcome this challenging obstacle and maximize their sales efforts.

In A Closing Culture, Josh shows you how to bridge the sales-marketing divide using Hüify’s process.

This book will show you how to:

  • Clearly define your customer personas
  • Create a dynamic company culture driven by measurable data, not individual bias
  • Attract leads, define their goals, and help them reach their goals
  • Ensure every potential buyer is given the opportunity to become a satisfied customer
  • Get your marketing and sales teams working together so you can close more business, drive more revenue, and grow your company

Join the elite business minds, that get marketing and sales, by making growth-driven thinking the engine that powers your organization.

Press & Praise

Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO, PR 20/20

"Marketing and sales teams must be in sync to maximize lead flow, customer conversions, revenue, and profits. A Closing Culture outlines step by step how to get there."

Matthew Sunshine, Managing Partner, The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2

"Josh Harcus is one of the few entrepreneurs to always be one step ahead of the game. His insights and expertise shared in this book make this a must read."

Brian Halligan, CEO, HubSpot

"Companies have to transform the way they sell to match the way humans actually buy today. The classic sales playbook needed this major overhaul."

Josh Harcus

Josh Harcus is the founder and CEO of Hüify, an inbound marketing and sales agency. After observing the profound negative impact on revenue that disjointed sales and marketing teams create, Josh created an agency that did away with the practice of using the fluffy vanity metrics as a means for indicating success. Instead, Josh and his team focus on genuine, measurable, and attainable outcomes that help take Hüify’s clients beyond the stagnating threshold of mediocrity and into new levels of success for their brand.

Josh has consulted brands such as Car and Driver, Springer Global Publishing, HubSpot, and SureScripts. He has also spoken alongside Google, Facebook, Bing, and HubSpot, and at conferences such as INBOUND.

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