You’ve Got Some Nerve

Derryen Plante

Derryen Plante knew her destination in life long before she reached it: she was going to be a special investigator for the federal government working on high-level crimes. Every step she took was in preparation for one day achieving that dream.

Then, without warning, her dream was shattered.

While completing a unit check at the juvenile prison where she worked, Derryen was violently attacked by one of the inmates. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that sent her into a spiral of PTSD, depression, and multiple medical interventions. As she navigated her life after the attack, Derryen struggled to accept her new reality. She’d built her entire life around a dream that no longer seemed possible. Without that, who was she?

You’ve Got Some Nerve is Derryen’s real, raw, and honest account of how she redefined her life, navigated the challenges unique to brain injury recovery, and found support in unexpected places. Her journey offers keen insight into how each of us can support those suffering with the long-term effects of an invisible injury.

Derryen Plante is a survivor who battled back from a traumatic brain injury and redefined herself in the wake of a horrific attack that altered the course of her life. She wrote this book to create a connection with others suffering with an invisible injury and offer them strength to build a new life post-injury. As part of her recovery, Derryen discovered a new career path. She rose through the ranks quickly and is now a principal revenue agent for the State of Maine, which allows her to utilize the same skills she honed in preparation for becoming a special investigator. To further connect with Derryen, visit

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