Your Tastebuds Are A**holes

Unique Hammond

Unique Hammond thought she was healthy. Raised on natural food, wary of chemicals, and rocking size 26 jeans, she appeared to be in peak condition–until Crohn’s disease left her suffering, struggling to sleep, eat, or drink water. This painful wake-up call prompted her to find a new way of looking at health and healing–and to share her simple yet effective solutions with others.

In Your Tastebuds Are A**holes, Unique shares her journey from ninety-pound patient to advocate for her own holistic health. With irreverent wit and hard-won wisdom, she also walks you through basic changes you can make to improve your own wellness, combat chronic issues, and ensure your best life for years to come.

With tips ranging from diet and exercise to finding a support team, Unique shows that wherever you are in your journey to wellness, you’re great–and you can only get better from here.

Unique Hammond

Unique Hammond is a Crohn’s survivor, student, author, health coach, wife, and mother who has helped countless individuals discover natural wellness and live healthier lifestyles. This Big Sur girl loves beach days and watching the sunset over a tumbler of tequila in her hometown of Los Angeles, California. To learn more about Unique and her refreshing, no-holds-barred approach to whole-body health, visit

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