Your Brand Should Be Gay (Even If You’re Not)

Re Perez

What made you pick up this book? Perhaps you’re wondering why your brand should be gay. Or maybe the pink covered book jacket grabbed your attention? Did the idea of uncovering the art and science of creating an authentic brand pique your curiosity? Maybe it’s all of the above.

Whatever the case, the book made enough of an impression that you picked it up and are now reading these words. What this moment demonstrates is the idea behind what an authentic brand is all about—owning a perception in the marketplace that compels people to take action.

In Your Brand Should be Gay (Even if You’re Not), Re Perez—seasoned Brand Strategist, keynote speaker, CEO and founder of Branding For The People—uses real-life case studies and behind-the-scenes stories to challenge your understanding of branding, demonstrate the transformational impact of authentic brands, and share his proven branding process that has helped his clients shift from unknown to celebrity-like status. Pre-revenue to multi-millionaire. Ashamed to proud. Outdated to cutting-edge. And, embarrassingly inauthentic to courageously authentic both in life and in business.

Press & Praise

Yanik Silver, author, Evolved Enterprise and founder, Maverick1000

"The new rules for branding in the 21st century come down to one word: authenticity. Re Perez's book provides a beautiful blend of the art and science of branding, whether you're a global enterprise or an emerging entrepreneur who's disrupting the status quo."

Michael Lovitch, co-founder, The Baby Bathwater Institute

"From my experience working with eight-figure companies--the ones that grow every year--it has everything to do with their brand. Re Perez has helped many of my friends build powerhouse brands. I strongly recommend you figuratively, 'come out of the closet' and devour this book right away."

Daniel Marcos, CEO, Growth Institute

"This book, like its author, is unique and full of amazing insights. Re Perez provides small business owners and marketing teams with actionable branding insights and a proven methodology to transform your brand and dominate the market."

Re Perez

Re Perez is the CEO, founder, and Chief Brand Strategist of Branding For The People, an award-winning branding agency that utilizes the diverse expertise in Fortune 500-level branding strategies, forward-thinking design, and conversion-oriented marketing best practices to create authentic, disruptive, and profitable brands. With a proven track record advising clients across 100+ different industries and professions, from high-growth entrepreneurs to expanding small-to-midsize businesses, his clients often credit him for doubling, tripling, or quadrupling their business and impact, while in the process transforming their approach to how they run their business and lives.

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