You Never Told Me That!

Kathleen Davis

The day is finally coming when your baby bird will fly away from the family nest. But is he or she ready? Are you? There are thousands of handbooks on raising infants, toddlers, and adolescents, but no proper manual for preparing your social media–obsessed teen for life in the real world…until now.

In this witty, irreverent, refreshingly honest guide, Kathleen Davis offers invaluable, commonsense advice to help you help your kid become a successful—or at least functional—adult. She covers the big and small stuff, from doing laundry to paying bills to building character and showing empathy for others. And she doesn’t shy away from tough topics like drinking, drugs, and sex.

You Never Told Me That! throws a lifeline to soon-to-be empty nesters. Whether your kids are off to college, their first apartments, or new jobs, it’s time to get them ready for real life.

Press & Praise

Amy Schwabe, Metroparent Editor, Metroparent Magazine, Part of the USA Today Network,

"The title of this book evokes the typical response of a child to his or parent, "You never told me that!" But the cool thing about this book is that the title works for parents too. As I read through this book, I saw so many great ideas for raising our kids to be independent that made me wonder why no one had ever told me about them before!"

Jeff Wenzler, M.Ed, award-winning author of The Pivotal Life: A Compass for Discovering Purpose, Passion & Perspective; Founding director of Pivotal Directions, a servant leadership organization for teens; and Executive Producer of the documentary film "10 Dollar Perspective"

"This is a page-turner for any anxious parent searching for perspective on the transition from their child under their wing at home into the cloud-covered sky of the unknown beyond. Kathleen writes from her heart about her own journey as a single parent carrying the weight of parenthood exploring the ups and downs, and most importantly, the lessons learned about how to prepare a child for adulthood.

The lessons within these pages, so beautifully colored with a parent's compassion, extend beyond the transition from the home to independent living. This is a compass for parenting, as much as it is a guide to raising a child with enough character to carry in their backpacks wherever they go in life."

Kathleen Davis

Kathleen Davis is a writer, painter, and Realtor who is currently raising her two teenage sons, Henry and George, in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin. She studied design at the Savannah College of Art and Design and earned her bachelor of fine arts from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. In her spare time, she has spent several years volunteering as a coach and mentoring middle and high school students. She is passionate about the importance of education and worked with the school district of Whitefish Bay to develop its anti-bullying program so that all kids could come to school and feel safe.

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