You Can Be the Best

John Ply

What is success?

We all have associations with the word, but the true definition is hard to pinpoint because it’s relative. The meaning isn’t universal—but the formula to get there is.

You Can Be the Best teaches you that formula. John Ply shares a blend of lessons from his life as a successful entrepreneur and amateur golfer and the life of his father Ziggy, a Polish WWII POW who immigrated to the US and built a fulfilling life for a family of five kids on a butcher’s salary.

Full of life/golf analogies, anecdotes, and probing questions for personal reflection, the lessons within will inspire you and equip you with tools to pursue your dreams, whatever they may be. Gain a new perspective on success and learn how commitment, strategy, and consistency will get you anywhere you want to go in life—no matter your age or life stage.

Press & Praise

Michael Roberts, former President & COO of McDonald's

Regardless of your state in life, John's book is a reminder of the right lessons for all of us. I found it informative and most importantly inspirational: a True North for healthy living and thinking in these troubled times.

Gary Battersby, author of The Golf Mystic

John has achieved three major goals in sharing his and his father's life stories of goodness. He left me energized, optimistic, and inspired. Anyone in need of a jump start can count on the voltage he has provided.

Kevin Streelman, professional golfer

Whatever your passions or aspirations, John's stories of humble beginnings and unwavering work ethic will resonate with you. The son of an immigrant, John learned the secrets to success through the wringer of life, and in this book he generously shares his lessons, offering many nuggets of wisdom to apply to your own pursuit of fulfillment, contentment, and joy.

John Ply built a company from scratch that became the best in the industry—twice. First with Priority Food Processing, a service provider to the food industry, then with Insight Beverages, a company he started to become a customer of his first! John was determined to build these companies to “be the best” because that was the first lesson he learned from his father. And now he’s teaching others to be their best. John has mentored students, young adults, and aspiring professional golfers, all of whom have benefited from the universal lessons he has to share.

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