Why Not You

Christina Hale

That thing you want to do? It matters. Stop waiting. Start now.

You’re young, motivated, passionate, and capable. You care, often more than others. Maybe the state of our climate concerns you, or the divisive political tension in our communities feels like an urgent priority.

No matter the compelling cause or driving principle, you can create change—but only if you take the first step.

In Why Not You?, civic leader and former state legislator Christina Hale shows why, no matter your age, now is the time to find your platform and pursue the vital causes that inspire you. Christina discusses the importance of positional leadership, how to channel a servant leader’s heart, and why it’s easier than you think to create your own path toward transformative change. With powerful stories of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things, Why Not You? is an interactive guide that points you in the right direction and inspires you to say yes to your calling.

Press & Praise

Cheri Bustos, US Congresswoman from Illinois

When it comes to leadership advice, my first thought is always, Just who is this person offering up these 'so-called words of wisdom,' and why should I care? In this case, Christina Hale is leadership personified. That's why you should care. She's the whole package: smart, witty, bold, and brave. And now you can learn from her how to navigate anything that gets in your way.

Mike Schmuhl, campaign manager for Pete Buttigieg for President 2020

In Why Not You?, my friend Christina Hale shares her own story along with some universal and helpful principles for a young person to find their calling and follow their own path to make a difference and serve with focus, passion, and humility. Christina's life and outlook are inspiring, and she is the perfect storyteller to write this guide.

Greg Stowers, Principal of Liaison Consulting and former Director of Key Club International

Christina's ability to engage and empower younger people provides a blueprint for leadership development. She places unique intentionality into not only inspiring others to seek out opportunity but also to strive to be the best version of themselves. Her passion for people is unmatched. A true mentor, she has consistently amplified talented young professionals, while serving as an example in her own right.

The best way to describe Christina Hale is as a regular person driven to—and successful in—making an exceptional difference. She worked her way through college as a proud single mother and served as a nonprofit executive for Kiwanis International, fulfilling a variety of roles that included chief communications officer and executive director for Kiwanis Youth Programs worldwide. A former state legislator for the Indiana General Assembly and the first Latina to run for statewide office in Indiana, Christina earned a reputation for bipartisanship and resolve. In 2021, Christina was appointed by the Biden-Harris Administration to head communications for the US International Development Finance Corporation. She continues to fight against sexual violence and advocate for youth and democracy.

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