Who Is Carter?

Matthew Abbott

On July 30, 2010, Matt and Emily were blessed with the birth of a healthy baby boy, Carter Matthew Abbott. Just six days later, Matt and Emily were faced with the decision to either take Carter off of life support or continue down a path with little to no hope of a life or future for their newborn son.

Who Is Carter? is the true story of how the Abbotts embraced possibilities over limitations, and discovered how the Anat Baniel Method offered those possibilities of hope and healing. In Carter’s short lifetime, he influenced everyone around him, leading not only his parents but his entire extended network of family and friends to reexamine their own personal struggles.

Beautiful and inspiring, this book reveals how the Abbott Family’s tragedy transformed into a miracle beyond imagination. The book marks the start of a new journey Matt and Emily are taking to empower people who are facing their own tragedies. They founded the Who Is Carter Foundation to encourage hope and belief through creating possibilities and taking action.

Matthew Abbott

The father of five children, Matt Abbott is an entrepreneur and owner of Abbott Properties, a successful commercial real-estate development and property management company based in Kansas City, Missouri. He is also an avid athlete and is active in the Ironman circuit. In business and his personal life, Matt focuses on personal growth and self-discovery, seeking to create empowering contexts for the vicissitudes of life.

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