What You Know About Startups Is Wrong

KP Reddy

Being an entrepreneur seems like the ultimate American dream. But the startup mythology is filled with urban legends and false expectations that can cause business owners to lose what is truly important to them. To succeed in the world of entrepreneurship, one should know how to enter with clear goals and strong boundaries.

In What You Know About Startups Is Wrong, K.P. Reddy explains the behind-the-scenes reality of business building, debunking eleven popular myths about what defines a top entrepreneur. With guidance on everything from how to balance work and personal life to leveraging great relationships to when and how to leave the game, Reddy guides potential founders and established entrepreneurs alike through the realities of running a company.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t a short-term gig with big wins – it’s a lifestyle. This book is your essential guide to understanding, preparing for, and managing your business without sacrificing your health, happiness, or relationships.

KP Reddy

K.P. Reddy has more than twenty-five years of entrepreneurship experience. He has started, grown, and sold multiple successful startups, and he has been involved in both IPOs and strategic acquisitions. K.P.’s work and his businesses have been featured prominently in numerous news outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and CNBC. He is also a popular speaker at tech summits such as South by Southwest, and he has advised numerous firms on innovation, from Coca-Cola to UPS. K.P. lives in Atlanta, where he is the cofounder of The Combine, an organization that assists tech entrepreneurs and enterprises in converting promising ideas into high-growth companies.

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