Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time

John Jaquish & Henry Alkire

You’ve been lifting for a few years. When you take your shirt off, do you look like a professional athlete? Do you even look like you work out?

Many fitness “experts” defend weights and cardio like they are infallible, but where are the results? Why does almost nobody look even marginally athletic?

Fitness may be the most failed human endeavor, and you are about to see how exercise science has missed some obvious principles that when enacted will turn you into the superhuman you always wanted to be.

In Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time, Dr. John Jaquish and Henry Alkire explore the science that supports this argument and lay out a superior strength training approach that has been seen to put 20 pounds of muscle on drug-free, experienced lifters (i.e., not beginners) in six months.

Press & Praise

Bill Foran, strength and conditioning coach for the Miami Heat, USA Strength and Conditioning Hall of Fame

"The X3 concept described in this book is a great addition to our program. It is joint friendly, and the variable resistance with diminishing range of motion is a game changer. We have not been able to duplicate it with any other equipment. With the crazy NBA travel, it makes for great workouts on the road as well."

Shawn Baker MD, orthopedic surgeon, CEO MeatRx.com, X3 bar user and author of The Carnivore Diet, Multi-Sport World Champion

"Musculoskeletal health is vital to disease prevention, function, and longevity. Resistance training with heavy loads is one of most effective ways to build and preserve our vital lean muscle mass. The X3 bar (The technology/advancement discussed in this book) is a highly effective, time- and equipment-efficient way to safely produce the necessary loads with the added benefit of variable resistance to further stimulate aggressive muscle growth!"

John Jaquish

Dr. John Jaquish has been called the Tony Stark of the fitness industry by multiple media outlets. He is the inventor of the world’s most effective bone density building medical device and has partnered with Tony Robbins. Scientific discoveries based on his first invention drove his second invention, X3: the world’s most powerful muscle-building device.

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