Wear Clean Underwear

Ali Katz

Now that you’re a parent, wearing clean underwear in case you are in an accident, is not enough. There are critical legal planning steps you need to take. Do you have a sure-to-work plan to make sure your children would stay in the care of people you know and trust, from the first critical hours through the rest of their childhood?

Presented in an easy-to-read “choose your own adventure” story format, Wear Clean Underwear walks you through the legal process that triggers when a child loses a parent, and shows you exactly how to do the right thing for the people you love most. The right plan protects your kids from the very first moment. The wrong plan—or no plan at all—can send your kids into the care of strangers while your loved ones battle a broken legal system and your assets get locked up in court.

Showing you in simple terms how to avoid delays, court, and even unnecessary taxes, Wear Clean Underwear helps you share your values, love, and support with your children—no matter what life may bring.

Ali Katz, formerly Alexis Martin Neely, is the founder and CEO of New Law Business Model, Personal Family Lawyer, and Eyes Wide Open. She has appeared on the Today show, National Public Radio, The Money Answers ShowGood Morning America, and more to teach parents about how to plan for everything they have and everyone they love.

She is also the creator of kidsprotectionplan.com—a free website that helps parents choose guardians for their kids and legally document their decisions.

Most importantly, Ali is driven by her vision of a world in which everyone has the empowered guidance they need to make eyes-wide-open decisions about the legal, insurance, financial, and tax matters that impact us all.

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