We Are All the Same Age Now

David Allison

Never before has mankind changed so much so fast—but we still rely on outdated demographic stereotypes to understand groups of people and target audiences. Now there’s a better way to discover what matters to the people you are trying to motivate: a brand-new big-data tool that will change audience profiling for everything—forever.

In We Are All the Same Age Now, David Allison, creator of Valuegraphics, explains how you can increase efficiency, create strategies that are eight times more effective, decrease internal politics around decisions, and be better equipped for disruption. He explains what Valuegraphics can do and offers the data samples and tools you need to get started using Valuegraphics immediately. He also shares how to make powerful values-based decisions throughout your organization and how to take your insights further.

It’s time to change the way you see the world—and motivate more people more often—by embracing the power of Valuegraphics.

Press & Praise

"Larry Beasley, C.M., Former City Planner of Vancouver, Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning at the University of British Colombia, and Founding Principal of Beasley and Associates, Planning Inc "

"I've read We Are All The Same Age Now and found it really fascinating. It has evolved my thinking and put words to a dramatic cultural shift that I now see every day. I have been telling people that the preferences of generations are shifting significantly. This book shows that preferences have shifted so much that you can no longer predict them based on generations. That shift is changing the world before our eyes--especially cities and the way people wish to live in them."

Ian Ball and Dan MacKinnon, Founders of TOLLO

"We chose to partner with the amazing David Allison and his game-changing Valuegraphics research on shared human values. One year later, we still regularly refer back to his work to remind us of our goalposts, and who exactly [our target client] is. We are in esteemed company, as he partners with brands around the world to use Valuegraphics and do away with our reliance on demographic stereotypes."

Jay Acunzo

David Allison began working in advertising agencies in 1985 and helped motivate audiences for some of the world’s largest brands. In 2016 he sold the ten-year-old marketing agency he had built and launched, DAVID ALLISON INC., a small global advisory firm.

He spent the next two years building Valuegraphics, the first-ever big-data tool that can profile the shared values of entire target audiences and replace outdated demographic profiling models.

Today, his company creates custom Valuegraphics Profiles from the ever-evolving database and consults with organizations who are interested in the full scope of what Valuegraphics can tell them about the audiences they want to motivate more often.

David is an author, researcher, facilitator, and advisor. He is also a frequent keynote speaker, represented by the National Speakers Bureau and the Global Speakers Agency.

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