We Are All Stakeholders

Shireen Muhiudeen

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The state of the modern boardroom is caught at a crossroads. Corporate decision-making can be profitable and sustainable, both socially and environmentally. But the old guard has been slow to change their ways.

In We Are All Stakeholders: Culture, Politics, and Radical Accountability in the BoardroomShireen Muhiudeen challenges the prevailing boardroom culture of prizing short-term profits at the expense of the well-being of stakeholders. The politics of the boardroom must change as consumers demand transparency, diversity, and a commitment to sustainability. From a focus on ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) issues to boardroom power dynamics, Shireen helps you navigate the shifting values of boardrooms across the world.

The boardroom represents the pinnacle of corporate leadership. Friction between the old guard and the new generation makes corporate politics messy. We Are All Stakeholders equips you with the knowledge necessary to move forward into the boardroom of the future.

Press & Praise

Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman and CEO at Starr Insurance Companies, Chairman at The Starr Foundation

Shireen Muhiudeen is one of the leading female investment executives and board members in Malaysia today. Drawing on a career that spans the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, We Are All Stakeholders provides her insights and unvarnished perspectives on how modern board members can help drive outstanding results and position their companies for the future.

Shireen Muhiudeen is an experienced emerging markets fund manager and public board director with regulatory knowledge. She was the first female chair of the Malaysian Stock Exchange and the former CEO of AIG Investment Corporation (Malaysia). She is an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) trailblazer, encouraging organizations to become ESG sustainable, either as investors or as board members. Shireen guides companies seeking to expand and raise capital in the Asia-Pacific region. She has served on investment, nomination and governance, compensation, risk, and ESG committees within banking, port, plantation, property, and media companies.

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