Walk the Lyme

Taylor Nelson

If you have Lyme disease, you know firsthand the desperation that comes from being misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and misdirected. You need straight answers and real solutions, but all you get is the runaround.

Riding high as a hard-driving entrepreneur in the solar industry, Taylor Nelson contracted Lyme disease in his midtwenties. Spiraling down swiftly, he tried everything to feel like himself again, turning himself into a human guinea pig. He took coffee enemas and gave himself ozone injections. Police officers transported him to a psychiatric hospital (he talked his way out), and he gave sales sermons while on LSD—all because of Lyme. Years of experimentation and determination taught him how to manage a disease that can seem unmanageable.

Candid and raw, Nelson doesn’t hold back. He shares his deeply personal story, what he tried, how it worked, and how to live a full life in the face of a devastating disease.

Taylor “TJ” Nelson has persevered over debilitating challenges imposed by chronic Lyme disease to rebuild his life, launching and growing his multimillion-dollar company, Direct Solar, despite his diagnosis. He applies the same tenacity to build his business that he uses to improve his health. While Lyme threatened to rob him of everything, his entrepreneurial spirit taught him how to rise above the darkness and become a Lyme disease success story. Today he helps others find ways to manage the disease.

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