Waking Up a Leader

Daphne Scott

Whether you’re a new leader or you’ve been in your role for a while, let me ask you a question:

Do you feel equipped to lead?

For many leaders, the answer is “no.” Instead of empowered, they feel ineffective and stressed out trying to juggle all of their responsibilities. They look for tips and tricks to help them better manage their people and their time, but nothing seems to stick.

If that’s where you are, Dr. Daphne Scott wants to help you find a lasting solution.

In Waking Up a Leader, Daphne reveals that the struggles you’re facing originate in your relationships with time, money, self, friends, and the unknown. You’ll learn how to mindfully assess these five relationships to see whether they’re helping you thrive or holding you back. You’ll also be equipped with new transactional skills that will not only improve your leadership and time management capabilities, but help you address the real-world challenges with these relationships in a pragmatic and direct way. You’ll be prepared to lead with far less stress than before and a newfound sense of well-being.

Press & Praise

Dr. Larry Benz, CEO, Confluent Health

"Dr. Daphne Scott has combined the art and science of social psychology, physical therapy, and executive coaching, and brings a game-changing perspective to leadership and creating a culture of success. As the chief culture officer at Confluent Health, Dr. Daphne Scott walks her talk and her methods will support you in seeing beyond your story, and how to flourish in business and your life."

Emily Barron, executive vice president of Talent and Development, Centro

"Daphne knows her stuff when it comes to leadership. She is real and empathetic. When you work with her, you can't get enough—I know I can't! Her approach is direct, engaging, and more times than not, funny. She truly makes learning fun! The responses from our leadership team has been overwhelmingly positive, you won't regret any second listening to what she has to say, and then applying it. She is helping transform our managers into leaders and coaches."

Bridgit Finley, CEO, Physical Therapy Central

"Daphne is wonderfully insightful when it comes to business acumen and the connection to our own consciousness. Her book is life-changing."

Daphne Scott

Dr. Daphne Scott is the founder of DS Leadership Life and the chief culture officer for Confluent Health. She is an expert at waking up leaders to a mindful way of leading, and given her improv comedy training, she brings a unique sense of humor to her work helping merged companies integrate cultures. Daphne holds a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology and is also a certified mindfulness meditation teacher. She hosts The Super Fantastic Leadership Show podcast and the series Leadership in the Driver’s Seat on her YouTube channel. Learn more and read her blog at www.daphne-scott.com.

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