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Despite companies today adapting to the digital ad age, there’s one area of the business that still eludes many: the power of YouTube. However, in an information-saturated environment, YouTube’s mix of targeting, video, and immediacy–along with the ability to personally influence customers–can be the key to catapulting a brand above its competitors to deliver measurable, notable results.

Video-advertising specialist Tom Breeze has helped countless clients and brands create digital campaigns with amazing ROIs. In Viewability, he combines psychological research and time-tested tips to give you the secrets to YouTube advertising, including finding selling moments, capitalizing on timing, varying ads based on customer types, maximizing reach, perfecting the creative, and more.

There’s a huge audience waiting on YouTube, ready to engage with you and buy your product. All you need to do is learn how to connect with them in a whole new way.

Press & Praise

"Larry Beasley, C.M., Former City Planner of Vancouver, Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning at the University of British Colombia, and Founding Principal of Beasley and Associates, Planning Inc "

"I've read We Are All The Same Age Now and found it really fascinating. It has evolved my thinking and put words to a dramatic cultural shift that I now see every day. I have been telling people that the preferences of generations are shifting significantly. This book shows that preferences have shifted so much that you can no longer predict them based on generations. That shift is changing the world before our eyes--especially cities and the way people wish to live in them."

Ian Ball and Dan MacKinnon, Founders of TOLLO

"We chose to partner with the amazing David Allison and his game-changing Valuegraphics research on shared human values. One year later, we still regularly refer back to his work to remind us of our goalposts, and who exactly [our target client] is. We are in esteemed company, as he partners with brands around the world to use Valuegraphics and do away with our reliance on demographic stereotypes."

Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze is founder and CEO of Viewability, a company specializing in YouTube advertising, boasting an impressive client list of international brands. With a “Pay for Results” financial model, Viewability and partners are now the highest-spending performance-based YouTube advertising company worldwide. Tom is also a speaker and consultant, teaching businesses around the world how to advertise successfully on YouTube.

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