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Despite companies today adapting to the digital ad age, there’s one area of the business that still eludes many: the power of YouTube. However, in an information-saturated environment, YouTube’s mix of targeting, video, and immediacy–along with the ability to personally influence customers–can be the key to catapulting a brand above its competitors to deliver measurable, notable results.

Video-advertising specialist Tom Breeze has helped countless clients and brands create digital campaigns with amazing ROIs. In Viewability, he combines psychological research and time-tested tips to give you the secrets to YouTube advertising, including finding selling moments, capitalizing on timing, varying ads based on customer types, maximizing reach, perfecting the creative, and more.

There’s a huge audience waiting on YouTube, ready to engage with you and buy your product. All you need to do is learn how to connect with them in a whole new way.

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Tom Breeze

Tom Breeze is founder and CEO of Viewability, a company specializing in YouTube advertising, boasting an impressive client list of international brands. With a “Pay for Results” financial model, Viewability and partners are now the highest-spending performance-based YouTube advertising company worldwide. Tom is also a speaker and consultant, teaching businesses around the world how to advertise successfully on YouTube.

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