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If you own a pizzeria, you know something most people don’t: the pizza business is more cutthroat, stressful, and multifaceted than Wall Street. Every day is a constant struggle to manage overhead, attract loyal customers, stand out from the pack, and keep your employees motivated.

Running a pizzeria is hard. But it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think.

Unsliced is THE resource for elevating your pizzeria—from managing staff to mindset, marketing, and everything in between. Industry leader Mike Bausch explains how to make your restaurant unique and in demand based on his twenty years of experience. You’ll learn how to build systems that will help you boost your sales and keep your sanity. And you’ll discover time-tested protocols that will protect you and your restaurant.

It’s hard not to get discouraged in this business. But with the right perspective, smart systems, and hard work, your restaurant can thrive.

Press & Praise

Tony Gemignani, Thirteen-Time World Pizza Champion, Restaurant Owner, Author, Master Instructor, Consultant

"Since 2005 Mike Bausch has evolved into a pioneer of the pizza industry. His knowledge, leadership, and prowess are like no other. Unsliced is a must-read. It reaches deep into the heart and soul of pizza in its entirety."

Pete La Chappelle, President and Publisher, Pizza Today Magazine

"If you're looking to get your head straight about tackling the tough parts of owning and operating a pizzeria or restaurant, this Italian-Irish American who doesn't know how to give up...has written the book you should read."

Mike Bausch is an industry leader whose restaurant, Andolini’s Pizzeria, is a top ten pizzeria in the US, as named by TripAdvisor, BuzzFeed, CNN, and USA Today. Andolini’s began in 2005 and has grown to five pizzerias, two gelaterias, two food hall concepts, a food truck, and a fine dining restaurant by 2019. Mike is a World Pizza Champion, a Guinness Book world record holder, and a writer for Pizza Today. Mike is part of a Marine Corps family who has lived across America from New York to California. Mike calls Tulsa home and lives with his wife, Michelle, and son, Henry.

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