Matt Lesser

Are you living your best life? Content? Satisfied? Every day, in a hundred different ways, modern society promises us that we can achieve happiness if we do more, get more, and be more. However, too many people accomplish the ambitious goals they set for themselves only to realize that instead of being satisfied they are burned out and miserable.

In UnSatisfiedMatt Lesser dares you to question society’s definition of success. Packed with insights gained from years of coaching and mentoring business leaders, this guidebook plots a path of personal growth. It challenges you to pursue a life of meaning and purpose, inviting you to find and follow your calling.

There is no need to settle for what the world says you should want. No reason to wonder, “Is this all there is?” So much more awaits you! Discover the satisfaction of intentional living and a life filled with hope, free of regret, and flourishing with fulfillment.

Press & Praise

Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial Ministries

Get ready to discover your purpose, your true core, and the joy of less becoming more.

Paul Larsen, Founder and CEO of ICG Advisors

The Legacy of Thrivingcan include money, possessions, and maybe a plaque on a hospital wing. The Legacy of Flourishing is hope, multiplication, and broad confidence to move forward. Matt, thank you for orienting us—and equipping us—toward flourishing.

Jerome Wagner, PhD, clinical psychologist, Enneagram teacher and author

When have you felt joy and completely and utterly fulfilled and satisfied? Matt Lesser asks us to think about this and whether we have ever felt God's pleasure when we do what we were gifted to do. What a wonderful way to think about our purpose in life. The author leads us on his—and our—journey from diminishing to flourishing. A trip you'll want to take.

Matt Lesser has trained leaders, teams, and boards of directors for over twenty years and on six continents. He is the founder and CEO of Uniquely Normal, LLC, facilitating leaders, leadership teams, and boards on their journey to improving organizational health and performance. He has served in various C-suite roles in private equity, banking, and commercial uniform industries. He also launched and operated several businesses in the Midwestern petroleum industry.

Lesser and his family live in northeastern Indiana. He enjoys traveling, biking, running, weight lifting, writing, public speaking, and reading.

For more information, contact Matt at [email protected] or visit UniquelyNormal.com.

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