Unbridled Spirit Volume 2

Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Famous for its horse racing, bourbon, coal, and college basketball, Kentucky is also home to business leaders from many industries. This book highlights the stories of a handful of brave Kentuckians who have blazed their own trail in the Bluegrass State.

In this inspiring second installment of the Amazon bestseller, Unbridled Spirit, the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates the contributions and accomplishments of nineteen entrepreneurs across the state. Unbridled Spirit Volume 2 shares the success stories of seasoned entrepreneurs who continue to redefine what it is to be a Kentuckian.

These Hall of Famers have overcome the odds, stepped up in the face of adversity, and built innovative, prosperous ventures. The Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is proud to recount their stories and hard-earned wisdom in this exciting second volume of all-American success.

Founded by Kentucky entrepreneurs Brian Raney, Luke Murray, Nick Such, and Bobby Clark, the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame is an organization that shares and celebrates stories of Kentucky’s most successful entrepreneurs. The Hall of Fame’s mission is to raise awareness and shine a spotlight on the impact entrepreneurship has on the Commonwealth of Kentucky, while encouraging others to pursue similarly ambitious endeavors. This volume was compiled by Garrett Fahrbach, who manages the Outreach and Storytelling programs at Awesome Inc. He maintains the relationships between these individuals and Awesome Inc, along with team members Brian Raney and Keith McMunn.

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