True Wealth

Mark Clure

Do you feel called to a greater purpose? Is there something you feel you were born to do, something that would make a positive impact on those around you?

So many of us wrestle with this feeling, yet we never get the clarity we need to move forward. Or we try to fill that void with financial success, only to discover that money doesn’t bring us fulfillment. Either way, we’re stuck wanting more for our lives.

Mark Clure knows that feeling. It’s what set him on a journey that ultimately led him to create The GUIDE Process for identifying and then financing your ideal lifestyle.

In True Wealth, Mark walks you through this proven process step-by-step and shares success stories of people who’ve used it to discover their purpose and unlock their potential. The GUIDE Process is the key to the life you want: more time with those you love engaged in meaningful activities, all while enjoying a true sense of fulfillment.

Mark Clure

Mark Clure is a Certified Financial Planner and Advisor with twenty-five years of experience. As a Principal at Enso Wealth Management in Mount Shasta, California, Mark is passionate about helping clients find and finance their ideal lifestyle. He knows what his clients are going through because for most of his life, he too felt the call to fulfill his potential. When he started looking for answers, he pieced together what became The GUIDE Process. Mark’s purpose is empowering others to find their purpose–and unlock their potential–so that together we unleash the full power of all human potential.

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