Trials and Tribulations

 Atiyah Nichols

Night’s darkness is dissolving away as a new day of destiny dawns. So we must once and for all strip away what is done in the shadows of darkness, removing it like filthy clothes. And once and for all we clothe ourselves with the radiance of light as our weapon.

—Romans 13:12

Life hasn’t been easy for Atiyah Nichols. Growing up in poverty as a victim of sexual abuse, Atiyah had few windows of opportunity through which she could escape the life collapsing around her.

Yet, there was still light. And hope. And a God-given chance to make a better life—she just needed to slow down and see it. In Trials and Tribulations, Atiyah shares her story to help any woman of any age who feels alone in her struggles know that joy, love, and purpose are always there, even in the midst of a mess. With the help of faith and family, Atiyah went from victim, to survivor, to million-dollar entrepreneur. She learned that she deserved better—and she’ll show you why you do, too. Learn how to open your heart and mind, realize your true potential, and lift others up in this inspirational journey through tragedy and redemption.

Atiyah Nichols is a businesswoman and devout Christian, passionate about caregiving. After becoming a CNA and medical assistant, Atiyah learned hospital administration; she started her own assisted living home, Caché James Better Living, LLC, now a million-dollar-company that has quadrupled in size. Atiyah broke generational boundaries and built her family their first home in 2019, after which she built a new community-based residential facility, Ameira Orchids Assisted Living for Seniors. She lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her husband and their children.

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