Tiger by the Tail

Marty Park

As an entrepreneur, when your business starts to take off, it can feel like having a tiger by the tail. From one day to the next, you don’t know if you’re going to get bitten, die, or hold the beast at bay for another day. You’re not sure how you can keep going, because the stress and pressure of running your business are killing you—and there’s no end in sight.

Marty Park has operated thirteen companies in six industries for the past twenty-seven years and has coached entrepreneurs for nearly two decades on practical, proven ways to help tame their tiger.

Tiger by the Tail is for every entrepreneur that got past the startup phase only to find the challenges got worse. In this book, Marty shares the ideas, secrets, and tools to be a tiger tamer and master entrepreneur. Drawing on his decades of work in multiple industries, Marty’s insight will help you take your business to the next level of success!

Press & Praise

Cameron Herold, COO Alliance; author, Meetings Suck and Free PR

"Marty has already been where you're going--his book is filled with insights and ideas that you can put into action today in your company."

Mike Michalowicz, author, Profit First, Clockwork and Fix This Next

"In your hand sits the field guide for entrepreneurial success. If you value spot-on advice when you need it most, Marty's book delivers."

Michael Vickers, author of Becoming Preferred and Dance of the Rainmaker

"Tiger by the Tail is a treasury of practical wisdom and insights gleaned from Marty's personal experience as an entrepreneur and advisor that will ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, and give you a blueprint from which you can build the business of your dreams."

Marty Park

Marty Park is a rare breed. At the age of twenty-one, while most students were neck-deep in homework and weekend plans, Marty was running his first company with eight staff members on payroll. Since then, Marty has owned and operated thirteen companies in industries including software, audio production, food service, franchises and marketing. Along the way, he’s become an expert at business growth and the personal growth that comes with it. Marty is also an award-winning business coach who’s worked with clients to conquer adversity, transform their performance, and achieve their ultimate vision of success. In this work, he’s been involved in the launch, growth, restructuring, or financing of a multitude of companies internationally.

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