This Sh*t Works

Kent Clothier

Real estate can be the perfect way to escape the 9-to-5 rat race and become financially free, but how do you decipher what’s real from what you’ve seen on TV? Not only that, but what kind of expectations should you have before you start doing this work?

You need a roadmap to real estate that is applicable, digestible, and written by an expert with years of experience—exactly the book that Kent Clothier has written.

Mixing in Kent’s story and the lessons he’s learned, This Sh*t Works lays out three proven strategies for consistently generating income in today’s real estate market:

  1. Quickly flipping properties for fast profit without using your cash
  2. Working with an organization to acquire cashflow properties in a pain-free environment, where all you do is write the check
  3. Putting your money to work in retirement funds so you can act as a private lender working with real estate investors and earning a sizable return

If you’re broke after reading this book—that’s your choice!

Kent Clothier is the CEO of Real Estate Worldwide, a software training company for real estate investors, and the founder of the Boardroom Mastermind, the most elite real estate investor networking group in the country. He’s flipped thousands of homes over the past fifteen years and helped tens of thousands of people learn how to do the same. He is passionate about teaching what he’s learned in a simple way so that it’s easy for anyone to connect the dots. As a husband and the proud father of three amazing kids, Kent has built the ultimate life for himself and his family.

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