This Is It

Glenn Edwards & Jordan Edwards

You have grand entrepreneurial dreams, but uncertainty and fear of failure are holding you back. The fact is, there’s no better time to start a new business or expand an old one than right now. And you can make it all happen by embracing the core principles of one remarkable family.

Over the past decade, Glenn and Jordan Edwards, a father and son team of visionaries, have built numerous profitable companies from the ground up. In This is It!, they show you why some small businesses thrive while others crumble, and share the know-how and best practices that enabled them to succeed spectacularly. They also provide actionable tools to help you begin creating a strong, viable, and enduring commercial enterprise today.

It’s time to stop procrastinating and take the leap. If you’re looking for the motivation, inspiration, and expert guidance you need to get your journey started, This is It!

Glenn Edwards

Glenn Edwards is seasoned, service-minded business leader who grew a family home health-care firm into one of the largest on the East Coast. Today, his investment company, Chart Organization, LLC, has multiple holdings. Glenn is the author of a previous book, Coming into Your Own, and he serves alongside his children, Jordan and Gabrielle, at Mixology.

Jordan Edwards

Jordan Edwards is the president of Mixology Clothing Co., a New York-based fashion retailer with a robust web presence and ten brick-and-mortar locations. He is also a real estate entrepreneur and investor, an avid reader, and a Brazilian jiu jitsu athlete.

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