This Better Work

Lynsie Campbell

Most of the founder stories we hear are the successful ones—the ones with happy endings. This is not that kind of story.

Being a founder comes with only one guarantee: at times, the obstacles will be so absurdly difficult they will seem almost comical. While you can’t predict what’s ahead, you can prepare for it. And you can learn a lot from Lynsie Campbell’s experiences since she’s survived everything a startup can throw at you.

In This Better Work, Lynsie Campbell shares the true stories of her fifteen-year journey through the hyper-masculine tech startup world—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Learn how she raised millions in venture capital funding, hired for every startup role, braved two accelerators, experienced one successful exit, and burned one startup to the ground.

Was the journey everything she thought it would be? Absolutely not. It rarely is. But it did generate priceless advice that can help other startup founders make better decisions—and avoid some horrible mistakes.

Lynsie Campbell is the founder of two tech companies: ShowClix and LaneSpotter. One was acquired. The other, not so much. Lynsie is also a general partner of The Fund Midwest, a seed-stage venture fund investing in the next generation of tech founders.

Before tech, Lynsie worked in the entertainment industry doing stints at The Rosie O’Donnell Show in New York City and as a music publicist in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared in NPR, CNN, Forbes, Billboard, and WSJ. She lives in Pittsburgh with her son Dylan, two dogs, two cats, and seven bikes. To connect with Lynsie, visit

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