Think like a Brand, Not a Bank

Allison Netzer and Liz High

Harnessing brand power within financial services demands a new way of thinking. It’s not quick. It’s not easy. But it’s a shift that any financial institution can adopt and it’s worth the investment because great brands all speak the same language: returns. Great brands get great returns every time.

Cutting expenses and hoping for the best feel like safe solutions when business is unstable. But to be relevant today and ensure growth tomorrow, financial institutions should take a cue from consumer brands.It’s time to connect with customers and create meaningful experiences.

In Think like a Brand, Not a BankAllison Netzer and Liz High of Nymbus show banks and credit unions how to embrace their brand and reap the benefits. By introducing their five principles for growth, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset, apply each principle, and utilize branding strategies for sustainable growth. With data-rich insight and real-life examples, Think like a Brand, Not a Bank is a compelling look at how financial institutions can build value now and create a roadmap for the future.

Press & Praise

Rilla Delorier, Independent Board Director

Too many business books share a philosophy but don't help you through the hurdles of implementation. In Think like a Brand, Not a Bank, Allison and Liz provide helpful (and humorous) examples and excuse-proof steps to implementation, and they have backed everything up with stats and research to prove that these ideas drive results. It's a must read!

Ron Shevlin, author and Chief Research Officer at Cornerstone Advisors

Bank marketing is broken—marketers either tout their low fees or promise to help customers 'achieve their dreams.' Netzer and High debunk these approaches and help bank marketers understand that creating a brand—something that consumers have an emotional connection with through their experiences with the bank—is the only path to marketing success for financial institutions.

James Robert Lay, Founder and CEO at Digital Growth Institute

Consumers have changed. And this means your approach to marketing must change too. At the Digital Growth Institute, we understand this can feel frustrating and overwhelming if you're not exactly sure how to transform your marketing beyond branches and broadcast channels because you're held back by legacy systems and thinking. Think like a Brand, Not a Bank is a guidebook for how to move beyond this legacy thinking and complements any digital-first strategy.

Allison Netzer started her career at Dell, working across a range of cross-industry sales and marketing roles in the United States, India, and Japan. Over the past two decades, Allison has worked with brands like the Dallas Cowboys, Cisco, Southwest Airlines, and Aetna.

Liz High has shaped corporate and brand strategy utilizing data-driven insight in nearly every industry by drawing on extensive marketing agency experience. Liz has founded multiple successful marketing and insight agencies with clients ranging from Amazon and HBO to GE Money and Citibank.

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