The Third Eye Diet

Alyssa Malehorn

When you’re on a path of spiritual and intuitive awakening, you will at some point run into blockages that hijack your progress. These can be programs, habits, conditioning, or patterns you’ve picked up that sabotage your efforts to meditate, become more centered, or activate your intuition. You want your physical world to elevate your spiritual world, not drag it down. But is that even possible?

It is. In The Third Eye Diet, Alyssa Malehorn shows you how everything you consume—be it food, relationships, media, or even the products you use—impacts your frequency. Alyssa shows you how to activate your natural spiritual power, and by following the steps that most resonate with you, you’ll raise your frequency and remember your true divine state. In this state, you’ll feel authentic, compassionate, and empowered. Your life will be decluttered, you’ll be able to release anxiety and fear, and perhaps for the first time, you’ll discover true self-nourishment.

Press & Praise

Joseph Clough, Bestselling Hay House author and celebrity hypnotherapist

"Alyssa Malehorn is the most remarkable guide, catalyst, and awakener who allows you to achieve mastery in your life. Her ability to joyfully shift your consciousness from where you are to where you want to simply out of this world."

Alyssa Malehorn has been an intuitive channel her entire life. Learning how to function with that level of sensitivity taught her how to thrive in the physical world while living multidimensionally. Now, Alyssa serves as a spiritual teacher and ascension guide who supports higher-consciousness awakening in others through live events, retreats, courses, and coaching. She is the creator of Channeled Light Healing–an ever-expanding energy healing modality that is twenty-five years in the making–and a mentor for others in the holistic, healing, and intuitive arts. She is the cohost of the Raw Spirituality Podcast and author of the book How Old Is Your Soul?

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