The Standout Experience

John Walsh

“Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, and around me is boundless opportunity.” – Mac Anderson

Students and young professionals are growing up in the most amazing time in history but they are also facing more challenges, uncertainty, and competition than ever before. The current education system and early career development do not prepare them for success and happiness across life’s many dimensions, nor does it help them be the one chosen in life’s most critical moments.

The Standout Experience provides the clarity, simplicity, and certainty that serve as the core foundations for success and happiness in life. By reading the valuable ideas and advice from experts, mentors, and an author who is still on the journey, you will change your perspectives and raise your awareness. By taking the necessary action steps and joining the fast-growing community of young adults who want to stand out, you will Rise, Shine, and Impact when it matters most.

John Walsh

John Walsh is an inspirational and successful executive, entrepreneur, author, husband and dad with a passion for impacting the lives of others. John faced many challenges, uncertainty and failures early in his life but he created a purposeful and happy life with a lot of hard work and help from others. Over time, he created a playbook that allowed him to make the journey from homeless in high school to a senior executive with Disney and Madison Square Garden. He is also the founder and CEO of a company whose mission is to inspire and help millions of young adults stand out in their own lives and careers.

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