The Simple Science of Wellness

Gavin Sinclair and Ryan Copleston

More people than ever before are struggling with chronic disease and relying on medications to manage it. But there’s a science-based program that enables you to achieve optimal health without the need for drugs by harnessing the innate intelligence of your own body.

In The Simple Science of Wellness, chiropractors Gavin Sinclair and Ryan Copleston explore how small, incremental changes in movement, nutrition, and mindfulness will result in massive, long-term improvements in your physiology and mental state. Their FIT 5-40-5 plan is designed to maximize your intelligent body’s intrinsic ability to move naturally toward optimum health, helping you to become stronger, sharper, and more energetic, whether you’re a couch potato or a fitness fanatic.

Discover how to take responsibility for your own physical and mental well-being, and achieve an understanding that your greatest source of health comes from within!

Press & Praise

Dr. Jason Richardson, Pan Am Games gold medalist; world champion; Olympic psychologist

I met Gavin and Ryan by chance at a professional development workshop and was introduced to the concept of FIT 5-40-5. My direct success in health (and, dare I say, business) is a direct correlate of the very things you are about to embark upon. It was clear from that chance encounter that Gavin and Ryan understood health, science, and most importantly, how people actually behave in the real world! They are not shooting Instagram videos all day or shaming people about not eating a certain way or not having washboard abs. They are, however, making a difference in people's lives. I could tell you more...but that would ruin the fun!

Ross McDonald, DC, President of the Scottish Chiropractic Association

I have personally known Dr. Gavin and Dr. Ryan for many years. Their commitment to learning and their passion for improving their knowledge in the field of health and wellness are reflected in their continued efforts to improve the lives of their patients and their community. This book is an extension of what they practice. By simply and effectively taking the reader on a journey of understanding true health and well-being, they enable us to see the incredible job our body does on a daily basis and why being out of balance in these fundamentals of health can contribute to some of the major health challenges our communities face today. Dr. Gavin and Dr. Ryan explore how we can all improve our health status through a fun and practical approach.

Dr. Daniel Brown, DC, Author, Business Coach

FIT 5-40-5 is an innovative program that delivers an effective and scientific way to transform your life through healthy living. Packaging optimal nutrition, movement, and mindfulness into this fun, time-efficient program, Gavin and Ryan have created another road to travel in the journey to better health. As a longtime friend and colleague of both Gavin and Ryan, I am inspired by their passion and commitment to their vision of people experiencing more-fulfilled lives by achieving better health. This book is another great example of their commitment to this vision.

Gavin Sinclair was raised to embrace a natural approach to health and well-being. As a second-generation chiropractor, Gavin studied community health science at Brock University in Canada and later obtained his master of chiropractic degree in England. Gavin currently operates four private-practice clinics in Scotland, and since 2006, he has been educating patients on the roles that proper exercise, movement, nutrition, and a healthy mind play in promoting optimal health.

Ryan Copleston‘s interest in health and wellness began early in childhood when he made a very personal transformation in his own life. Learning what was needed to change his health led him down a path that resulted in him graduating as a chiropractor in 2017 and moving to Scotland to practice. His passion lies in helping individuals transform their health so that they can get the most enjoyment from life.

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