The Sharper Investor

Richard Thalheimer

Have you ever wished you could see into the minds of the investing greats? Learn how they make their choices, with proven methodologies that beat the market again and again?

In this groundbreaking book, Richard Thalheimer offers an unparalleled look behind the scenes, laying out his system for predicting success. After spending more than twenty years curating winning products for The Sharper Image brand, Richard now applies his system to picking investments—with results that consistently beat the market.

If your goal for your annual returns is 30–50% across your investment portfolio, The Sharper Investor is for you. Richard has done better than that in many years, and you can too. He’ll walk you step by step through his formula for success—one that can boost your results significantly, helping you reach or even exceed your financial goals.

Pick up The Sharper Investor and discover your next winning investment today!

As CEO, Richard Thalheimer led The Sharper Image to its peak with annual revenues of $750 million, 200 stores, catalogs, an online store, and 4,000 employees. The company became a public corporation in 1987 when its stock was listed on NASDAQ.

Thalheimer now runs The Sharper Fund, sharing his wisdom at He is a stock guru and investing expert, sought after by journalists and their readers for his trendsetting observations about products, companies, and market movements. His early investment in Tesla, earning him millions in returns, is just one of many case studies in the way he identifies market-leading opportunities.

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