The Seven Keys to Investing Success

P.J. DiNuzzo

No matter your profession, one day, a reconciliation of the lifelong investment decisions you have made will take precedence over everything else… at retirement. This reflection will trigger the mandate for a full assessment of where you stand, while also illuminating the importance of developing a plan for your future. For many people, this thought evokes a fear and anxiety that they’re not properly prepared, unleashing the two forces that are the worst enemy of personal finance success. Your challenge is no longer simply picking investments hoping solely for growth—but rather building a total-return, risk-adjusted withdrawal investment strategy founded on “playing defense first.”

What you need is guidance and a “DiNuzzo Financial Wellness LifePlan ™” to get you to and through investing for retirement with peace of mind, and in The Seven Keys to Investing Success, P.J. DiNuzzo delivers on both counts. He brings the collective wisdom of world-class institutional investment strategies down to a personal level. With these seven keys in hand, you’ll be empowered to make smart money choices to live your best-life.

Press & Praise

David Booth, founder and executive chairman, Dimensional Fund Advisors

"Markets give you a serious education, and The Seven Keys to Investing Success shows why trying to outguess the market can be a very expensive education."

James Lange, CPA, attorney, and author of Retire Secure! Pay Taxes Later

"If someone were to hand you the key to a treasure chest, would you hesitate to take it? P.J. DiNuzzo's The Seven Keys to Investing Success unlocks the most critical tenets that every investor should understand and assimilate before jumping into the shark-filled waters of developing an appropriate portfolio for your situation. A scan of the table of contents will allow you to quickly find answers to your biggest worries or most pressing questions. It is tough to place a dollar amount on the peace of mind that comes with a long-term investment plan that will see you through the rest of your life, but I assure you it will be well worth your time to read at least some of the sections of this book. Either on your own, with another advisor, or with P.J. himself, develop your personal plan and execute it."

John Bowen, founder and CEO, CEG Worldwide, LLC and author of Becoming Seriously Wealthy, How To Harness The Strategies Of The Super Rich And Ultra-Wealthy Business Owners

"P.J. DiNuzzo cuts through the 'today's financial noise' with his empirically based and four-decade market tested investment process to help you build an amazing life of significance. The Seven Keys to Investing Success is a straightforward and detailed, step-by-step roadmap for accelerating your success even more."

P.J. DiNuzzo

P.J. DiNuzzo is the president and chief investment officer of DiNuzzo Index Advisors, Inc., which has over 2,500 accounts and $760M (AUM, as of 11/29/2019). P.J. was one of the first three hundred fiduciary standard advisors in the country and one of the first one hundred advisors to be approved by Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA). P.J. is a much sought-after speaker who has appeared on Oprah & Friends on XM Radio, and on CNBC-TV’s Power Lunch. With this book, P.J. desires to share his passion with the reader, and the time-honored strategies he has utilized while collaborating with and guiding his “family of clients” over the past four decades.

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