The Resilient Actor’s Workbook and Planner

Debra Wanger

Discover some of the secrets from Broadway and Hollywood to supercharge your career and balance your life. Debra Wanger knows how difficult it can be to pursue your dream of acting without compromising your health or your sanity. She drew wisdom from decades of working as an actor, talent manager, and wellness coach to write The Resilient Actor and give emerging and experienced actors a holistic approach to their profession that marries mind, body, spirit, and craft. Sustaining a healthy and satisfying career requires more than just talent; go beyond the skills you learned in your BFA program.

The Resilient Actor’s Workbook and Planner is filled with quick and easy exercises designed to help you plot the direction for your career from the start and avoid the pitfalls that many actors face. You’ll walk through the steps to figure out what kind of actor you want to be and the lifestyle you want to have. You’ll set goals and develop habits for your career and use the specially-designed included actors’ planner to create a step-by-step action and accountability plan for achieving them. The Resilient Actor’s Workbook and Planner will unlock longevity in your career by showing you how to find happiness and health in an industry that challenges both.

Actor, singer, and certified wellness coach Debra Wanger has performed in theaters and cabarets from New York to Los Angeles. She’s a sought-after speaker who’s given workshops at university theater programs across the country, and an author whose book The Resilient Actor was an Amazon bestseller. While working at Creative Artists Agency, she helped guide the careers of many top names, including Halle Berry and Antonio Banderas. Debra lives in San Diego with her children and her dog. Her album, Driving My Own Heart, is available on Amazon and iTunes. Contact her online at

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