The Referral Magnet

Kelly Edwards

Choosing a financial advisor is one of the most important decisions people make in life. They’re entrusting someone with their livelihood, their future, and their family, so the choice is not something they take lightly. Given the stakes, the search almost always begins with a referral, and that’s why the most successful advisors in the industry are the ones who know how to get them and are proactive in doing so.

In The Referral Magnet, Kelly Edwards shares the formula for generating more referrals than ever before, all without asking for them. Her proven approach has been used by successful advisors all over the country to become more referable and make small but impactful changes in how they operate.

This paradigm-shifting book is packed with practical advice you can implement right away, and includes downloadable content for each chapter along with stories from the industry’s top advisors about their creative solutions, lessons learned, and mistakes made along the way.

The search for a “magic bullet” is over. Referrals are—and always will be—the best way to grow your financial practice, and this book shows you how to get more of them than ever before.

Press & Praise

Lizzie Dipp Metzger, Founder of Crown Wealth Strategies

"Kelly is the foremost expert in advisor marketing, and anyone who is serious about growth should listen very carefully to what she has to say. She has been one of my most trusted resources for the last decade."

Maggie Hudspeth, Director of Marketing Services at TruClarity Management Solutions

"Kelly enters every project with an open mind and a forward-leaning curiosity for each advisor's story. She listens closely to her clients as they share their goals and works diligently to create a unique brand presence for each group. Her strong expertise in financial advisor marketing has helped several of our clients successfully launch custom brands, websites, sales materials, and more!"

Meredith Moore, Founder and Principal of Artisan Financial Strategies

"Kelly's knowledge on a comprehensive marketing plan in the financial advisor space is second to none. Kelly has developed a marketing agency for financial advisors that truly addresses an underserved need."

KELLY EDWARDS is the CEO of Lawton Marketing Group, a full-service agency specializing in marketing and branding for the financial services and insurance sector. The agency represents hundreds of top financial advisors and firms throughout all fifty states and Canada, and they have won more than fifteen national and international awards for their work. Kelly has been in marketing for more than twenty years, and her clients range from individual advisors and small family offices to Fortune 100 companies.

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