The Patient as CEO

Robin Farmanfarmaian

We are on the cusp of a healthcare revolution.

From wearable sensors, to improved point-of-care diagnostics to artificial intelligence and robotics, there are breakthroughs in biomedical technology on an almost daily basis which are set to fundamentally change the way that patients interact with their healthcare providers.

Author Robin Farmanfarmaian has seen this change first-hand. Misdiagnosed at age 16, she endured multiple surgeries and countless hospitalizations over the course of a decade before deciding to take charge of her own healthcare and changing her life overnight. Since then, Robin has worked on more than 10 early stage startups and become an entrepreneur, founding The Organ Preservation Alliance, Exponential Medicine at Singularity University, and Morfit.

In The Patient as CEO, she shines a light on the new and upcoming breakthroughs that will allow you, the patient, to be the key decision-maker – the CEO – of your own healthcare.

Press & Praise

Ray Kurzweil, Inventor, Author, and Futurist

"Robin Farmanfarmaian has written an excellent book to help guide patients through this emerging world of healthcare."

Peter H. Diamandis, MD, Co-Founder, Exec. Chairman, Singularity University, Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation

"A must read for patients to understand the current medical revolution driven by accelerating technologies."

Robin Farmanfarmaian

Robin Farmanfarmaian is an author, speaker and entrepreneur who believes that technology can empower patients and make a positive impact in the health and medical field. This position drives her to provide education and resources to leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians, healthcare professionals, and innovators to positively impact medicine and healthcare.

Farmanfarmaian is a professional speaker on technology and medicine for many conferences and companies, and is also adjunct faculty for Singularity University and a contributing writer to Wired, Forbes, Huffington Post, and others.

Currently, Farmanfarmaian is working with a few early stage start-ups: as COO for Arc Fusion Programs; as co-founder and former Executive Director for the Organ Preservation Alliance; as VP of Business Development for Invicta Medical; and as President of i4j ECO, a summit to disrupt unemployment through innovation to create jobs and meaningful work for everyone.

Farmanfarmaian also serves on the advisory boards of many early stage start-up tech companies and organizations such as SXSW V2Ventures, AARP, Doctella, and the Kairos Society, among others. She mentors women in entrepreneurship, technology, and healthcare and holds a series of dinners for women in technology.

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