The Moral Police

Janelle Perez

After nearly seven years as a police officer in Northern California, Janelle Perez was no stranger to a courtroom. But she never imagined that she would find herself in one as a plaintiff suing her former employer, the Roseville Police Department.

In her lawsuit, Janelle cited gender discrimination and a right to privacy when she was fired for an off-duty relationship with a coworker while separated—an assertion denied by her employer and a loss only she endured. Despite winning a ruling in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Janelle faced defeat when the ruling was suspiciously overturned.

In The Moral Police, Janelle shares the story of her seven-year fight for justice in the biggest betrayal of her life. Providing an insider’s look at life as a female police officer, Janelle shares what happens when you follow the rules and respect the process in a system that doesn’t respect you. No matter your gender or profession, you’ll gain valuable insight into the power of leadership and the devastation caused when it’s misused. This book will inspire you to fight for what’s right and will reveal how we can come together and do better as a society.

Janelle Perez graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in administration of justice and sociology. She was a police officer in the Bay Area for six years before accepting a position with the Roseville Police Department. After only eight months, Janelle was unfairly terminated and began a seven-year fight for her career, livelihood, and reputation in the court system. An advocate for female leadership in law enforcement, Janelle strongly believes in the value of the female perspective in the field.

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