The Method

Tracy Thomas

In today’s world, even the act of living can become overwhelming. Surrounded by constant pressures and obligations, and coping with our own emotional clutter, we become trapped as we try to maintain the semblance of a happy life, all the while feeling as if we are failures. But there is a way to move into a peaceful, fulfilled state of being—all you need to do is reconnect with your true self.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, a psychologist with more than twenty years’ experience in personal development, has created a groundbreaking technique for living life to the fullest, breaking damaging and addictive behaviors, and reaching your highest potential. In The Method, she shares her road map to achieving personal transformation by learning how to live truthfully with your deepest inner self through radical self-inquiry, assertive and rigorously accurate speech, and positive action. Most importantly, she teaches how you can be your own best coach and therapist, setting up a plan to deal with your personal problems, hang-ups, needs, and goals.

Now is the time to begin building an open and honest relationship with who you truly are, to discover what you really need, and to heal yourself from the inside out.

Tracy Thomas

As the founder of The Method, Dr. Tracy Thomas specializes in guiding people through personal transformations. She holds a PhD in psychology, master of arts in organizational development, and bachelor of arts in business management, and she now spends her time developing courses, digital products, and self-guided content for her clients. When she isn’t leading her team or guiding her clients through powerful training sessions, Dr. Tracy lives, works, and practices for her next ballroom-dancing championship in Northern California.

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