The Meaningful Manager

Jeff Smith

Discover the secrets of meaningful management

Do you ever feel uncertain about what it means to be a good leader? This simple, reliable system for people management can help you handle any situation with confidence.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed in your role as a manager? Learn how to refocus, increasing your team’s performance, security, and growth by managing what matters.

Do you struggle between supporting your team as human beings and maximizing their performance as employees? Create opportunities to resolve that tension and choose both.

Do you think it’s enough to help your team succeed at work? Or do you want to take your management skills to the next level, helping your team connect to their larger purpose so they can find success, well-being, and profound fulfillment in every aspect of their lives?

Realize your full potential—and theirs—with The Meaningful Manager: How to Manage What Matters.

Jeff Smith, PhD, is a cognitive psychologist, inventor, and speaker who believes that compassion, persistence, and experimentation are the keys to solving any problem. Through live workshops, on-demand learning, and coaching, Jeff has empowered well over ten thousand people to deepen their skills in leadership, people management, giving and receiving feedback, deep listening, and learning. Jeff, his partner, and their adorable dogs are grateful to live among the Appalachian Mountains in the eastern USA. –This text refers to the hardcover edition.

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