The Law at Work

Alan Crone

Work conflict can be frightening because employers have more power than their employees. When problems arise with no apparent solution, it can feel like you, the employee, have no leverage to resolve them.

One of your most important relationships is between you and your employer. The more advanced your career, the higher the stakes when conflict threatens this partnership built upon hard work and mutual respect.

From career changes and compensation issues to unethical behavior and discrimination, difficult topics that threaten your reputation and livelihood are hard to navigate. In The Law at Work, employment law attorney Alan Crone reveals how to protect yourself from harmful consequences during workplace conflict that threatens your income, future, and peace of mind. You’ll learn the options available and whether legal recourse is appropriate. Release worry and doubt, knowing you’re not alone, via this enlightening must-read for executives who want to be their best, even in crises.

Alan Crone is the founder and CEO of The Crone Law Firm, an employment law team committed to helping employees, executives, and entrepreneurs resolve workplace disputes. A master at devising winning strategies and innovative tactics, Alan is known for achieving the best outcome for clients. He is a fifth-generation Memphian who has been active in local and state politics for decades, serving as the former head of the Shelby County Republican Party and Senior Policy Advisor to the mayor of Memphis. Alan is a voracious reader, semi-avid golfer, and proud father of three children he shares with his wife, Allison.

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