The Launch Button

Hugh Zaretsky

Have you climbed the ladder of success only to feel trapped, unhappy, and unfulfilled?

Everything you’ve ever wanted in life lies just on the other side of fear. Push through and grab it with The Launch Button—the proven way to fire your boss, pursue your passions full-time, and build the life of your dreams.

Hugh Zaretsky’s wake-up call came on 9/11. Realizing how short life can be, and how important it is to do something you really care about, he set out to pursue his greatest dream and launch his own business.

Today, he’s built multiple entrepreneurial and real estate companies and trained more than 12,000 people to make their way through the stages of launching a successful business.

These simple, direct methodologies are your ticket to freedom and building your Blue-Print for a successful launch. Take the first step today and pick up The Launch Button.

Press & Praise

Garrett Gunderson, NY Times bestselling author

Hugh is a straight shooter and tells you like it is. He speaks from experience on how to launch out of the corporate world into your own business with real estate and business ownership.

Troy Dunn, Founder of The Locator Foundation, bestselling author of Family: The Good "F" Word, and star of the hit TV series The Locator

Anybody who knows me knows how strongly I believe in the idea of 'shooting messengers.' My reason for that is that too often there are voices of influence in our lives that are well-meaning but unqualified to be giving advice. Too many people are listening to the wrong people and therefore doing the wrong things. In my life, I seek out voices of EXPERIENCE. I only want the opinions of those who have been where I'm going. Hugh Zaretsky is one of those voices I listen to. As he guides you through his journey from where he began, to the day he fired his boss, and beyond, his insights will become your roadmap to doing the exact same thing. This book is a must read for anybody ready to break free and start their next chapter of life!

Gary and Leesa Price, The Statue of Responsibility Foundation

We wish that we had had this information available to us when we were just out of high school! We really wish we had had this information to teach our kids! Now, we look forward to sharing it with both our kids and our grandkids! We have watched Hugh create wealth and opportunity for many years now. He is a hardworking, brilliant leader who will always have his hands in what is 'next.' We are excited to support this book!

Hugh Zaretsky is a full-time entrepreneur & real estate investor who has been featured in books with Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and many others. He has trained over 12,000 entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and sales professionals across all 50 states and around the globe.

Hugh’s passion now lies in helping as many people as possible launch themselves to new heights of success by firing their boss, following their dreams, achieving their goals, and living the life they deserve. His goal is to create a movement of fun, passionate, and financially responsible entrepreneurs and real estate investors. He calls it the “eFramily Ohana.”

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