The Ice Sculpture Diet

Anthony D. Gallo


Are you one of the thousands of people who look in the mirror each morning and plead with your belly, “Please, please shrink”?

In The Ice Sculpture DietAnthony D. Gallo lays out a step-by-step guide to reshape your body, improve your health, and make your abs visible again.

In a first-of-its-kind holistic plan, The Ice Sculpture Diet introduces a fat freezing routine along with practical weight-loss science and fitness tracking to ensure long-term fat reduction.

Following this plan, you’ll see and feel a distinct difference in the shape of your body in as little as one month.

If you’ve struggled with keeping weight off in the past, The Ice Sculpture Diet is a new method that can help reduce fat permanently.

Get ready to experience a healthy weight-loss mindset, learn what your body needs to thrive, and freeze away stubborn fat forever.

Anthony D. Gallo is a NASM-certified personal trainer, Director of Product Analytics at, and biohacking enthusiast. After struggling with stubborn fat for most of his life, Anthony designed The Ice Sculpture Diet, a new diet routine that includes fat freezing, using it to lose over thirty-five pounds from home during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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