The Ground Floor

Kevin Saxe

The commercial real estate leasing industry is broken.

I know, because I’m a part of it.

Our industry (among others) has remained stagnant for years by failing to make any significant movement towards creating practices or service standards that yield transparency or accountability to the consumer. In the “information age,” how can such a high profile, high dollar industry be so far behind much simpler industries like car buying or residential real estate?

It’s time for that to change.

The Ground Floor is an industry insider’s look at the opaque world of commercial real estate. It exposes the truth regarding how the industry operates and, more importantly, shows some ideas of how to overcome it.

Kevin Saxe

Kevin Saxe is the first Vice President at CBRE in Houston, Texas. He’s spent nearly a decade learning the ins and outs of the office commercial real estate world, and has already been named NAIOP’s 2012 Rising Star, as well as being recognized as an industry leader in the Houston Business Journal and RedNews. In the past five years alone, he has closed over $225 million in transactions.

Despite his success in real estate, he’s become disillusioned with some of the common practices. His book The Ground Floor, along with the accompanying blog of the same name, aims to leverage his experience as a service provider with the intention of progressing transparency and authenticity in this historically opaque field.

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