The Grace of Cancer

Veronica Villanueva

“Sweetie, you have cancer.”

That’s what doctors told Veronica Villanueva after she drove to the hospital at 4 a.m. and practically crawled into the ER, unable to breathe. Then came the next bombshell—her disease was incurable. And yet, three years later, Veronica is thriving, with “no signs of the disease in her body.”

In The Grace of Cancer, Veronica delivers an inspirational message of hope and courage, and shares the recipe she used to fight her “incurable” disease. This is a must-read book if you want to reverse your disease—or prevent disease from invading your body—and accomplish your goal of living a healthy, vital, and fulfilled life.

You will learn the root causes of cancer and practical steps to balance and heal your body with an empowered mindset, belief in yourself, and that the higher power, God, and the universe are on your side. You’ll discover how to use food as medicine, augment your immune system with nutritional supplements, detox your internal and external environment, and assemble a healing team that supports your goal: TO LIVE!

Press & Praise

Howard Estrin, president, I.J. Peiser's Sons Inc. (New York)

"Veronica, upon hearing the dreaded words 'terminal lung cancer' from a team of oncologists, stood up, looked at those purveyors of western medicine in the eyes, stamped her feet and said 'I just won't have it.' This wonderful book relates the journey of a remarkable woman with not just an extraordinary will to live, but with a determination to discover and address the root causes of her cancer instead of simply following established protocols that focus on treating symptoms. Through a carefully calibrated natural regimen (most of which I, a close friend of 35 years, have applied with great success in fighting off colitis and IBS) consisting of diet, juicing, stress management, exercise, cannabis, and vitamin therapies, Veronica hasn't just survived her cancer but is thriving. With informative pages dripping with enthusiasm and encouragement for others suffering with cancer and other medical disorders, this book is pure gold."

Lauren Boyd, chief legal officer, LaTerra Development, LLC

"When Veronica, a vibrant, athletic, healthy, non-smoker who rarely drank was informed by the oncologist that she had incurable metastatic stage 4 lung cancer and had six months to live, she responded with 'Well, we have a lot of wood to chop don't we?' That refusal to give up medically and emotionally, the faith that she would survive the cancer, and the mindset that she was not a victim, all contributed to Veronica's incredible journey documented in The Grace of Cancer.

Veronica shares the vast amounts of information she learned and absorbed during her battle with this devastating disease. While her extraordinary story provides a guide and is a goldmine for those with cancer or those who want to learn how to minimize the chances of having a cancerous disease, this book goes far beyond being a self-help book for cancer and related illnesses. With her insight on changing one's mindset, choosing to live her best life ever, and nuggets of encouragement and inspiration, Veronica's book is a wonderful read for those wanting to better understand how to take control of their lives and start making brave and positive choices to reach a place of higher happiness and fulfillment. Bravo V, for sharing your very personal story in this inspirational and educational book!"

Dr. Brian Myers, naturopathic doctor

"I first met V as part of her treatment team, after her initial cancer diagnosis. What was immediately apparent was her tenacious optimism and unwavering commitment to fight. I never once felt her diagnosis defined her or got the better of her. Her diagnosis also never caused her belief in the fundamentals of health to waiver--she is still as committed to wellness (nutrition, sleep, fitness, and stress management) as ever. Her perseverance is inspiring and a model to all. I am grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to work with Veronica on her journey toward renewed vitality."

Veronica Villanueva

Veronica Villanueva discovered her “why” after being diagnosed with stage IV cancer in 2016. She knows she is alive today to share grace, blessings, and the lessons that cancer has taught her. Her “incurable” disease gave her the gift of knowing herself, loving herself, and sharing herself with others in a profound way. Through her work as a trained Cordon Bleu chef and certified health coach, Veronica aims to inspire others to embrace a holistic lifestyle built on a commitment to growth, eating healthy foods, taking the time to create memorable moments, and of course, fostering loving relationships. Learn more and connect with Veronica at

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